Julius Silvaner Westhofener Rotenstein Organic

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Tuottaja: weingut Julius
Tuoksu ja maku:Elegantti mineraalinen maku ja hienostunut hedelmäinen tuoksu.
Maa:Saksa Deutscher Qualitätswein Rheinhessen
Ruokasuositus:Perinteisesti juodaan parsan ja kevyiden ruokien kuten salaatin, keiton ja kanan kanssa. Ihana sellaisenaan kun tekee mieli loistavaa valkoviinia.


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Wine region: Rheinhessen

Germany's largest wine region, Rheinhessen, lies in a valley of gentle rolling hills.
The region boasts the world's largest acreage planted with the ancient variety Silvaner. 

Rheinhessen wines are often characterized as being soft, fragrant, medium-bodied and

mild in acidity - pleasant, easy-to-drink wines. There are also wines of great class and

elegance, with a depth and complexity second to none.


Climate: Mild. The region is ringed by protective hills and forests. So Rheinhessen belongs to one of the most warm and dry areas of Germany whichpromote the wine and fruit growing. 


The vineyard is called Westhofener Rotenstein and is around half hectar. This appellation were mentioned documentary as “an dem roden steyne” (at the red stones) in 1375. The name based at the red colour of the soil. The vineyard is located by the village “Westhofen”, which is very close to Gundheim; the winery’s home.

The soil is loess-clay. This kind of soil is very fertile and save moisture for a long time.

5. Vinification
a. Type of vinification and maturation vessel

Organic wine growing. The grapes are harvested solely by hand, selected in the vineyard and then again subjected to an exact selection at the estate to prevent impurities in the crop. 12 hours fermentation with skin, gentle pressing of the grapes, must sedimentation. The fermentation at controlled temperature with selected yeasts. Moderated fermentation process in steel tank, ageing on fine yeast (sur lie). 

Silvaner is an old variety that once was the most important grape in Germany. Silvaner makes a rather full-bodied, neutral wine with a mild acidity, and is generally best enjoyed while young. It is a traditional variety in Rheinhessen. Georg Julius produces an elegant Silvaner of rich character with fine fragrance and mineral taste. 

The winery Julius is located in Gundheim, close by Worms, the oldest town in Germany. Since Generations the Julius Family is located in this area. The winery was founded in 1926. Weingut Julius is a family run winery. Combining long experience with modern technology we are continually improving the quality of our wine. At the same time we try hard to affect nature as little as possible and support the ecosystem in the vineyards through organic methods. Organic winegrowing reflects our philosophy of quality in harmony with nature. Presently we belong to a minority of vineyards in Germany that grow organic wine. This philosophy has had a major impact on our policy for years. Today we grow white wines in sixty per cent of our vineyards. We have a variety of traditional and recent grapes in our wine list that we are sure will give you great delight. The winemaker himself is Georg Julius (born in 1964). He is a professional winegrower and it is his passion to make strong and clear wines. Together with his wife Christine Julius, half Finnish, half German, he manage the winery.

The Julius Winerys are managed with the following premises:

  • ·  An organic and eco-friendly cultivation

  • ·  Considerate vinification

  • ·  The cultivation of wines with a strong character

    The winery is cultivating 19 hectares. They are planted with 60% white grape varieties (Riesling, Silvaner, Rivaner, White and Gray Burgundy) and 40% red wine vines (Dornfelder, Spätburgunder, Portuguese, Merlot). 

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