Avgvstvs Look 2016 - luomu

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Tuoksu ja maku:Very pale colors according to the youth of the wine. Aromatically very in- tense thanks to the cold work to maintain aromas of the own grape. In nose reminds of citrus, tropical and the unmistakable flavour of Mu scat. In the mouth, the fine and aromatic starting makes it an easy wine to taste.
Sokeri:1:10 g/l
Ruokasuositus:Designed to be enjoyed at any time of the day. It is a wine that pairs very well with all kinds of dishes, especially summer ones. We also like to recommend it take with those dishes where the sea is the protagonist, for example seafood, rice and noodles.


ELABORATION: Each variety was harvested in the best balance between sugars and acidity. Cold pressed to preserve the perfume of the must . Fermented separately in stainless steel tanks with an exhaustive temperature control. Then the wine was aged on lees for 2 months in order to increase the complexity in mouth. And finally it was clarified, lightly filtered and bottled. 

Avgvstvs Look 2016 - luomu kuva
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